searching for my pink USB and other shenanigans

..since i saved a bunch of ACNL pictures, that were from my old town Iris. i don’t know where it is but i’m going to get busted for turning the house upside down :’D!

but i remembered my Miiverse password so i logged in and now i’m going to dump these pics, yay!


th-thanks o’hare..i think he gave me a bucket? lol i don’t remember


legitimate photo of yours truly, you can also see that cool typewriter that i don’t remember how i received it! I LOVE HAVING AN EIDETIC MEMORY!!

and hint hint, guess what i’m working on :


it’s a sketch of something! it’s easy to guess


thinks out loud

hmmmmm, i’ve been interested in makng AC-related commissions!

i’ve been feeling motivated and this semester is nearly ending for m, so why not??

i might try both pixels and traditional, but lol i don’t know if anyone would pay (or if anyone has paypal, to be exact..)?


i don’t have my DS with me currently, but here is a uh, INTERESTING photo of my mayor with some gyroids :


you can see my trophy too >:^)) on the other hand i’ve been playing too much school idol festival, but i suck at rhythm games so of course i did some noob mistakes.

also, tattered weave is so addicting and i can’t stop playing it ;u;! just wish there were more ways to gain munny and gems.