excuse my grammar and language in this post, but i’m not going to properly introduce myself in this post. just been wanting to get this out of my chest.

alright, so as you know; this is an animal crossing blog (or uh, really isn’t but whatever–) i like animal crossing. it’s one of my favorite games and i’ve played every single game in the series, from the gamecube to the 3ds, and even the spinoff (but i never tried amiibo festival because from the fucking cover it looked unpromising)

so, i’m going to go in-depth; in-depth on why and when did i start a wordpress blog, before even making this site.

january 2016, i used to have an old deviantART account that i’ve abandoned, i was following many artists; and one of them was amee-cakes (iirc), better off known as koimin.

i liked her pixel icon, so i asked her who made it and she linked me to the inactive kittsay’s blog. i was astonished by her art and wanted to see more, so i endlessly scrolled down her blog, clicking on each post to read it, and the comments. i was so inspired by her blog and art i ended up making my own art blog, which has now been deleted.

but, i recognized someone familiar in the comments, i was shocked to see them and couldn’t believe that they’re still alive, so i followed their blog and commented a lot, and i’m sure they realized who i actually am now, and my deepest apologies to this kind person as i was one hell of a fucking bitch to them 2 years ago-


2 years ago, that what’s i want to talk about:

2 years ago, i would frequent the blog Pink Sea Crossing and multiple other tumblr blogs, i was a little kid and i discovered nasty words i shouldn’t know when i was young and other nasty shit, blah blah blah whatever

anyway, i don’t really remember fucking how but i found wordpress animal crossing blogs and yes; those exist, yes they do. soooooo i used to stalk them

yep, i used to like those blogs, and one day i decided to comment! AND HONESTLY, I DON’T REMEMBER WHAT I WROTE AT ALL, BUT I’M 20/20 SURE THAT IT’S EMBARRASSING.

and idk why and dont remember why, something crossed into my fucking innocent mind back then that i should write hate comments, and jfc what was i thinking

and these hate comments led to drama, and it’s all thanks to me. my fault



and holy shit, i am so so fucking sorry on what i did back then, yeah it’s too late whatever, but still

i’m ashamed on what i did, i was really stupid AND STILL AM and i’m sure that this person -and others- hate me now :’) i would do anything that would make you feel happy and even if it means to stop blogging on my current blog

so anyway, yeah

sorry i doubt anyone will apologize back but oh well at least i admitted it

i don’t know what i will do after some people read this post, but hopefully you accept my apology and if you’re going to call me an asshole for doing this then go ahead, i i don’t mind. i deserve it anyway



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