other blogs

“what? you’re not the only AC blogger?! i thought you were a lowlife!” yes, yes they are. and i’m still a lowlife!


  • Marina’s blog! , she posts of happenings of her towns and landscaping processes! she’s also a coolio person, clickie the link to get to her bloggo.


  • Kat’s blog! i don’t know what KAt plans on posting but i’ll assure you she cracks up amazing puns and jokes, definitely check her high-quality content.


  • Anna & Nunnally’s blog! they’re busy with their lives, but Anna has nice fashion sense and Nunnally’s vocabulary is..large, for lack of a better word i bet you can think of one.. so follow them!



er yeah, that’s all ^^;;! if you want to be included, just tell me via comments!



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